Integrating Time, Memory, and Heading Capability, Part VI

Posted 25 August 2018

In my previous posts, I have been describing my efforts to give Wall-E2, my autonomous wall-following robot, relative heading sensing ability using the DFRobots MPU6050 6DOF module.  As I went through this process, I discovered that the ‘standard’ Arduino Wire library was seriously defective, and the problem had been known, but not fixed for almost a decade!  Once I figured this out, I was able to fix my local copies of Wire.c/h and twi_c/h and all my hangup problems went away.  Subsequently I found another Wire library (SBWire by Shuning (Steve) Bian that also incorporates the necessary fixes, so I started using his library instead of my own local fixes.

Anyway, after all the I2C drama, I finally got the damned thing working, and ran some tests to demonstrate Wall-E2’s new-found ability to make reasonably precise and consistent turns.  In the first test I had Wall-E2 make a series of 90-deg (ish) turns, and in the second one I had him make some 180-deg (ish) K-turns to simulate what he might want to do after disconnecting from (or avoiding) a charging station.

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