How to update the ACP Pyramid

The first thing to understand about updating the Pyramid is that you don’t have to unless there is something wrong with your current Pyramid version (i.e. there is a
a bug or problem) that has been addressed in the latest version available on the ACP website).  As each new version is placed on the ACP website, a ‘change log’ entry is also uploaded, so you can tell what changed from your current version to the one that is on the website. If none of the listed changes affect your practice, then there is no real need to update.

the second thing to understand about updates is that, even if you download the latest version from the ACP site, there is no need to immediately update all your client Pyramid files – it is completely reasonable to update client Pyramids to the latest version only when you next deal with a particular client file, and this is done by simply importing the client’s Pyramid data into the new (blank) version using the ‘Import from File…’ button on the Inventory page (don’t forget to use ‘Save As…’ to save the updated client file back to the client folder while leaving the new version file unchanged).  Here’s a video tutorial showing the update procedure

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